The Songs and The Stories

Hybrid industrial punk meets hard rock troupe/band Apocalypse Theatre (also known as Apox) has been around in name since the 90’s changing its sound via membership, from song to song, CD to CD & whatever season happens to effect them. Always melding styles & genres & attitudes APOX has self destructed a dozen times over and rising again reinvented.

Apox has performed in 45 of the United States, and tallied over 1200 performances since its conception. From the deserts of Nevada’s Burning Man festival to the Halls, Clubs, and basements of many many small towns, strop malls and big cities all across the USA. They have shared the bill with Pigface, Switchblade Symphony, Rozz Williams, Das Ich, Rosetta Stone, 45 Grave, Rhino Bucket, Fugazi, Thrill Kill Cult, Young Gods and dozens of other notable underground favorites.

















Apox has released 3 CD’s (Angry Angels, Cain or an Open Vein, Lost in America) and each represents a home base. Starting with Wash. DC, then San Francisco, and Minneapolis where the core currently resides.

Apox is like a living journal, with an ever changing cast ( well over 100 members have come & gone thus far)Hope Hillman & V. Mercy alternated the role of Captain & co-captain, steering the Titanic and inspiring one mutiny after another, sometimes tearing the ship in half.  Yet, despite the odds, a spark always survived and eventually ignited the whole damn bonfire /psycho drama on wheels all over again.

Apox is not for everyone, nothing is.. but for those who seek something a little different and a little dangerous to dance, gather, laugh, scream, rage & run amok to, we might be your bad medicine. We live in a perilous age, and the future seems uncertain, so while some of you may seek your dose of escapism within the confines of one or two uniform based genres, we remain wide open to everything ugly and beautiful, known and unknown so after an absence the escape hatch is  opening ever so carefully as”V. Mercy ” reluctantly proclaims that he is the Captain now as Mad Kat Morgan APOX veteran of the last 10 plus years assumes the role of co-navigator.

Apox has material from its vast recording library on iTunes and other electronic markets.  They also are part of a start up called which will broadcast a daily video on APOX.TV starting this Spring 2016. Learn more about all of the crew and help us recreate the road network that could very well save many of us if the shit hits the fan. We will be your road warriors. Your supply chain. Your connection to the rest of the underground.